Before you pay you must register. Before you register, make sure you have a head shot (selfie) ready to upload. The head shot can be taken with a phone and should look like a passport photo: only you in the picture, your complete face and head, and clear. This picture is what will be used on the rosters for check in before the games. You should also have a credit card or debit card ready so you can pay for your registration. And make sure you know the exact name of the team you're registering for.

Go to

Click the 'Registration' button (upper right part of screen)

Select your primary team (you must know your team name!)

Because this system is brand new to us in 2019, most people will need to 'Create an Account'

Type in your info, create a username, create a password, and click 'Save and Continue'

Add self to team

Select 'Player'

Upload your head shot

Press 'Continue'

Agree to the liability forms by checking the boxes

Pay for your registration which is $27 (if you register for another team in another division it's only $5 more per extra team)

(Your coach/manager may ask for additional team fees separately.)

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